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Have you chosen the best-fitting rubber molded parts for your application? As a leading rubber molding company in Lahore , Millat Rubber’s decades-long experience with both natural and synthetic rubber helps us locate or develop tailored rubber molded products to meet the requirements of a diverse very affordable cost.


Physical and Chemical Properties of Best Rubber Material

The flexible qualities of rubber are only the beginning of the material’s usefulness. Due to its many desirable properties, rubber is highly prized and widely employed in the industry. Rubber’s versatile properties include its resistance to water and chemicals (gloves) and its elasticity (rubber bands).

Rubber molded parts have greater flexibility in terms of tolerances than their metal counterparts. The following are some of the rubber’s most well-known characteristics, which have contributed to its widespread use as an industrial material:

·         Durometer

Depending on the composition of the rubber used, the finished part’s durometer will vary.

·         Elasticity

Rubber’s elasticity allows for flexibility in the protected area, which is very helpful in sports.

·         Compression Set

In most cases, rubber components will be subjected to compression, so choose a rubber that can bear this stress..

·         Heat Aging

If your finished product will be subjected to various temperatures, the heat aging qualities of rubber will allow for expansion and contraction, preserving the integrity of your design.


Custom Molded Rubber Products Designed Around Your Needs

Each application presents its own unique obstacles. So, a certain compound may be better suited to your needs than others. No matter what business you’re in, we can assist you in finding the best material for your needs. The molded rubber parts manufacturers can provide you with many compositions.




What are dip molded parts made of rubber?


Rubber molded parts manufacturers produce dip molded parts with raw rubber latex. A dip-molded product that gives elasticity, durability, and heat resistance to metal parts. They are ideal for manufacturing, industrial and automotive companies.


How do we manufacture molded rubber parts?


Custom rubber molding suppliers provide molds of recommended size or thickness. Rubber elasticity reduces vehicle suspension vibrations. Our rubber molds are best for tires, hoes and other vehicle parts.


How to Make Rubber Molded Parts?


Rubber molding plants give many layers of rubber to protect your vehicle. While making these rubber molds, we apply stress and strain to them. Putting tension on the shape proves its strength.