Millat Water Stoppers Selection Guide | Kinds & Material

Millat water stoppers seal construction joints against water. We can also call them water bars. They are pre-made joint fillers that keep water from getting through construction joints. Moreover, Millat water stoppers seal off tunnels, water treatment plants, parking structures, water reservoirs, sewage treatment plants, and marine structures below ground level.

Therefore, this article discusses the main parts and types of Millat water stoppers we use in construction.

Millat Water Stoppers for Construction Joint

Millat water stoppers are in high demand in places with several construction joints.

  • Firstly, the area where the horizontal and vertical pieces of concrete meet
  • Secondly, long sections of wall where two or more molds cast
  • Thirdly, situations where the concrete supply stops for some reason
  • Moreover, where the design elements need a change in how they look.

Best Solution for Construction Joint

We can also call construction joints cold joints. They happen when the concrete poured first cures faster than the concrete next to it. These are the places where water is most likely to get in. Most concrete structures below ground level are where water can enter the spaces between the pieces. Therefore, water stops by Millat Rubber are put into construction joints to prevent this from happening. Moreover, Millat water stoppers are the best solution for water getting in through the construction joint.

Material of Millat Water Stoppers

Millat water stoppers are joint fillers. Moreover, they come in many sizes, shapes, and types. PVC makes water stops by Millat Rubber. PVC water stoppers are strong. They can bend. Water stoppers are asphalt, metal, and hydrophilic materials with chemical makeups in building applications.

You can get the Millat water stoppers in the following combinations:

Kinds of Water Stoppers

There are four main kinds of water stops by Millat Rubber:

  • PVC rain gutters
  • Bentonite Stops Water
  • Urethane Water Stops
  • Metal Water Stoppers
1.      PVC Rain Gutters

Each side of the construction joints uses a PVC water stop. So, it creates a physical barrier. Depending on the type of construction joint, Millat water stoppers can be different in width, size, and thickness. We can use a PVC water stop by Millat Rubber in any weather because of the material. These tend to last a long time. If not placed carefully, the PVC joint can get damaged.

2.      Bentonite Water Stops

It is a type of water stop in the group called hydrophilic water stops. Bentonite is a type of clay that can swell up. It can grow sixteen times bigger when it comes into contact with water. This ability is to fill to seal the cracks in concrete. This water stop seals the system by putting pressure on it. Therefore, it fills the cracks and holes in the concrete.

The bentonite must be dry until poured into the joint that needs to seal. So, it is one of the challenges of installing this system. When bentonite is exposed to water too soon, the joints get broken. Moreover, the concrete around the joint gets weaker.

The number of times bentonite water stops growing and shrinking decreases over time. Therefore, it needs replacement. So, bentonite works best in places with much water or extreme weather.

3.      Urethane Water Stopper

Urethane water stops have waterlike material. This material also expands and makes a compression seal in the construction joints. This type is expecting a growth of 350%.

Urethane water stops are easy to install. After 24 hours, this material is ready for concrete pouring. So, the urethane material must stay dry while the concrete sets. Moreover, they wear out when in the water for a long time.

4.      Metal Water Stoppers

Most metal water stops are of steel, bronze, lead, or copper. These are PVC water stops. These are very strong and can withstand high temperatures and a chemical environment. So, building dams and other large construction projects use it often.

Knowing the water stop product types and material compositions will help you select the best Millat water stoppers for your waterproofing needs. Millat Rubber can help you choose the best water stops for your project.

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