How To Choose the Best PVC Water Stopper

Consider using a PVC water stop for a superior alternative to the concrete building. Waterstops are items set into the concrete to prevent water from seeping through the joint. Knowing the different PVC water shopper specifications, product types and material compositions will help you select the best water stop for your project’s waterproofing needs.

PVC Water Stopper Specifications

A PVC water stop is a continuous watertight diaphragm that completely blocks off the passage of liquids for joints in buildings subject to hydrostatic pressure. These materials meet the expansion and contraction joint requirements. As a result, it can conform to the movable joints, which includes the ability to accommodate lateral and transverse movements.

In addition, PVC water stop is made by extruding an elastomeric plastic material composed of high-grade polyvinyl chloride, special resin, and some chemical additives like plasticizers and stabilizers. PVC water stops have many advantages due to the high quality of the material used to produce them.

Flexible PVC Water Stopper

Flexible water stops, embedded across and along the joint, are usually made of PVC, which is the industry standard. PVC offers the most design flexibility and variety for water stop materials. It can withstand various chemicals found in water without breaking down and has excellent flexibility. It won’t cause any electrolytic activity or discoloration in concrete. If you’re working on a water or sewage treatment project, rest assured that your selection of water stoppers will hold up to code.

Water Stops' Benefits and Features:

  • Exceptionally strong tensile properties.
  • Higher potential for extension
  • Supreme inherent elasticity and durability
  • Never discolor concrete
  • No electrolytic action with surrounding metals
  • Withstand hydrostatic pressure
  • Reduce joint mobility caused by expansion and contraction
  • Capable of taking care of any deflection caused by the change in temperature
  • Supplied in coils for easy handling with high flexibility
  • Easy to install by tethering the outer flanges of the PVC water stop to adjacent reinforcing bars

Selection of Water Stoppers

Those who make chemicals for building projects will tell you that the water stop must be made from flawless components. There is a wide variety of materials and shapes to choose from to meet your needs. Choose water stops, preferably with manufacturer consultation, appropriate for all the joint conditions.

Top-Rated Water Stopper in Lahore

If you are looking for a professional water stopper in Lahore for your project, trust Millat Rubber. They offer various types of water stops that help you create crack-free, watertight concrete structures. Millat Rubber provides the industry standard water stoppers due to its years of experience worldwide. Our team of specialists is always available to offer technical expertise to help architects, owners, and contractors select the ideal water stop shape for a project. We have the expertise and tried-and-true equipment to handle even the most challenging water stop applications, and we provide a variety of options across all categories.

  • Slabs
  • Ground\Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Lock & Dam Systems
  • Storage Facilities and Water Distribution Systems
  • Flood Walls\Bridge Abutments
  • Underground passages
  • Retainer Walls\Foundations
  • Containment Structures & Tanks

A Global Leader in Water Stop Industry

Through constant innovation, participation in industry groups, and responsiveness to the demands of owners, architects, and engineers, Millat Rubber has established itself as a market leader in the industry it services. Joint sealing technology and new materials for concrete are areas of expertise for Millat Rubber. When you partner with us, you work with the industry leader in water stops and the go-to provider of top-notch technical support and service.

Contact us for more detailed information regarding PVC water stopper specifications and the right type suiting for your application.

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